Florida Paver Sealers

Florida Paver Sealers

Water Based • Rejects Mildew • No Yellowing • Safe

History: Florida Paver and Stone Sealer

Years ago, our founder Gil Anuez purchased the best Florida sealers on the market to seal pavers after installation in shopping centers and high-end homes. He found that the best commercial paver sealers just weren’t good enough. Realizing Naples Florida produces some of the most harsh tolerances on the life of a sealer he either needed to reapply sealers every couple years or formulate something himself that will last longer than what is out there. Gil took matters into his own hands and researched sealant manufactures, he found a manufacturer that formulated a sealer just for Florida. This sealer was much thicker, and designed to last longer in the sun and rain. Gil found that his proprietary Florida Paver sealant was amazing, it could stand up to the relentless sun like nothing else, and it was better than anything on the market for the massive rain we get during the seasonal rainy season in a subtropical climate. He realized that he had a product that could be marketed to the state of Florida and to out of town paver companies. We now have a Florida paver sealer that any Florida resident can buy in five gallon buckets. We can ship our Florida sealants to any place in the United States. Our sealants are amazing and the people that try it, reorder the sealant over and over again. If you try our Florida paver sealant and stone sealant, you will not want to use any other Florida sealer ever again.

What Surface Can This Be Used On?

Accurate Paver Sealers can be used as a concrete sealer, stone and marble sealer, clay and brick sealer, travertine and granite sealers as well as colored concrete pavers and sandstone pavers. Accurate Sealers dry fast and are a clear sealer with no yellowing. It is a specially formulated penetrating sealer designed for long periods of hot and dry conditions as well as long periods of wet and damp conditions. This product rejects mold and mildew and is a effective breathable moisture barrier, by reducing water retention.

Some Florida Paver Sealer Features:

  • Dries Fast and Can Be Walked or Driven On Within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Un-effected by UV rays. Formulated for Florida’s extended periods of hot conditions.
  • Only One Application is Necessary.
  • Can Be Applied by Spray or By Brush
  • Non-Toxic and Harmless to the skin.
  • Non Flammable.
  • Dries Clear with No Yellowing or Color Altering Effects.
  • Applies Even with Proper Application.
  • In commercial Use for Over 15 Years with Little or No Reworking a Job.
  • A High Level of Customer Satisfaction. The Results Are Amazing.
  • Formulated By A Paver Company.

If you want to order our stone and paver sealer, contact Accurate Sealers here.